Kontrær Liste, UiS

Programme '21

Norsk versjon

Students and Campus

  1. UiS should protect Linehuset, and grant immunity against further overreach from the administration
  2. UiS should arrange regular debates with contributions from the faculties
  3. Optimisten should reverse the buffet, which has contributed significantly to the price (over 60%)
  4. SiS must obey sentralbanklovens forskrift om tvungent betalingsmiddel and accept Norwegian banknotes and coins
  5. UiS should maintain gender-specific toilets
  6. Male toilets should be built with urinals, unlike EOJ, which is lacking in that regard
  7. Tappetårnet should raise its standard
  8. Tappetårnet should get a stage, where students from Bjergsted could preform
  9. Student organisations should be able to keep their common rooms

University and Lectures

  1. UiS must never suffer the same fate as KHiO
  2. UiS has to take a clear stance on academic freedom
  3. UiS should commit to the Chicago Principles
  4. UiS should reinstate elected principals
  5. All candidates should be made public when hiring
  6. Hiring committees should consist of faculty and students exclusively
  7. UiS should allow more attempts on exams
  8. The organisation SAIHs funding on the semester fee should be halted immediately
  9. UiS should prioritise hypothesis-driven research
  10. UiS should give students a more thorough introduction to Popper
  11. It should be harder for professors to delegate their teaching load to PhD candidates
  12. If the university were to hire, it should preferably be faculty and not administration
  13. UiS should abolish si-ifra, which is a clear statement of distrust towards its faculties
  14. Local lecturers should be given priority when hiring
  15. Lecturers should receive no pressure from administration and be free to lecture in whichever language they please. Especially if that is Norwegian
  16. Exchange should be the students own initiative, and not so-called opt-out
  17. Lecturers should not have to undergo mandatory training in (harmful) pedagogics
  18. UiS should employ its own cleaners
  19. Students should be able to access most courses offered by the university


UiS should ...

  1. ...let each institute manage their own web pages
  2. ...abolish the ridiculous new software for syllabi
  3. ...have clear guidelines on streaming and digital exams
  4. ...not use google as default startpage, search engine or web browser
  5. ...get reasonable web pages that does not suffer from morbid obesity (4,96MB)
  6. ...support the RSS-standard on student.uis.no
  7. ...send email as txt and not html
  8. ...not let corporate pressure dictate the languages and software used in courses
  9. ...prioritise open file formates over proprietary ones
  10. ...host its own git-server
  11. ...refrain from using the word "hackaton" on non-codebased projects

Matters which are of no interest to us

  1. Massage chairs
  2. Water fountains